Our Toddler Soccer Programme acts as a positive introduction to the sport of football. It will teach young children fundamental football skills, in a fun and pressure free environment.


An enjoyable program that introduces children aged 2-5 to the sport of football.

Throughout the weeks of our programme we aim to develop key skills such as:



Physical and technical development 

Social skills



This programme is the perfect way to introduce your children to the fun sport of football. Our sessions will provide all children with memorable experiences that will stay with them for life.

This programme will take place in blocks of 4 weeks.


Mini Soccer is the perfect progression from toddler soccer as our coaches start to ramp up the intensity and information given during sessions.

These sessions focus on player development and introduce them to a competitive environment.

There will be a heavy focus on technical development working on the following skills:

- Shooting/Ball striking

- Variety of passing

- Defending/ 1 v 1 defending

- Dribbling/ 1 v 1 attacking

Our coaches are highly trained in creating a serious learning environment yet still providing the balance of fun, enjoyment and building confidence.