From our experience of working with 100s of young footballers we have noticed a trend in players who are experiencing confidence issues and ultimately are scared to make mistakes in games.


Our aim is to tackle this fear and allow players to express themselves on the pitch freely and result in them playing better on the pitch and playing without fear.


How we can help


From consulting top sports psychologists and our own personal experiences within the game we have created the ENDGOAL MINDSET. Through use of techniques, advice and personal experience we will help guide young players through the following issues:


  • Low Confidence
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Attitude issues
  • Rejection and setbacks
  • Pressure on the pitch
  • Adaptability


The ENDGOAL MINDSET will consist of weekly 1 to 1 45 minute meetings in person or online with a coach of your choice to discuss some of the mental blocks players are experiencing and holding back their game on the pitch.