What is Specific Virtual Training?


 Virtual training is a programme that allows players to train in their own time through the use of a filmed session by one of our expert coaches where the coach will explain and demonstrate different drills involved in the session.


Each week the session topic will change and a different video will be uploaded for players to complete.


How does it work?


A session will be recorded by one of our coaches and uploaded to a private channel that can only be viewed through a private link that will be sent to players taking part in the programme.


In the video different drills and exercises will be explained and demonstrated as well as repetitions, sets and coaching points on common mistakes our coaches have noticed with players.


Training topics


The areas we will focus on and rotate between for our online sessions are:


  • Football Agility
  • Football power movements
  • Football flexibility
  • Football strength training 
  • Balance 
  • Conditioning