Ben has played the majority of his career in professional clubs in England playing in the championship and league 1 standards and is currently playing in the Irish Premiership.

He is able to bring all his knowledge as a player to provide the people he coaches with a real insight on what it takes to play at a high standard. 


Matthew is a big inspiration for young players trying to learn the game within Northern Ireland. He has experience within the Northern Ireland set up as a young player. Therefore, he is able to communicate to young players and tell them what it takes to play at an international level. Matty has spent time over in England on trials and different tournaments including, captaining the tournament winning County Antrim milk cup squad of 2015 and is currently playing in the NIFL Championship. Overall, he knows the highs and the lows that can come from football and is able to share his experiences to the clients he coaches.


Being a young player himself Nathan has first hand experience of the hard work needed to succeed within football and is currently playing in the top amateur tier of Northern Irish football. He brings a wealth of experience with coaching players of all ages and abilities. Due to these experiences ,he is able to notice what players are struggling with in their game and help them improve quickly; by putting on fun challenging sessions.